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From Indonesia in San Francisco, California, United States

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  • Indonesia    @Indonesia

    "APNewsBreak: Files show birth of Papua independence struggle - San Francisco Chronicle"

  • Sir Nick    @SirNicALot

    #LookIVisitedIndonesia (@ Consulate General Of Indonesia in San Francisco, CA)

  • DynEd Indonesia    @dyned_indonesia

    “Seseorang atau sesuatu selain pengajar kami telah memotivasi para siswa untuk mengembangkan kemampuan bahasa Inggr…

  • Universal Music Indo    @Universal_Indo

    Following live performances in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Indonesia in September, SILENT SIREN just completed their wor…

  • Oden où pot-au-feu    @fushimitori

    There have been many victims like Ji. Keiji Okada, a major in our Imperial Army, was killed with Holland military…

  • Kulina    @kulinaID

    #Kulina, satu-satunya startup dari Indonesia 🇲🇨 di Google Accelerator di San Francisco, Amerika Serikat. Thanks t…

  • U.S. Embassy Jakarta    @usembassyjkt

    Wah, startup lokal Indonesia akan terbang ke markas @Google di #SanFrancisco! Penasaran inovasi apa yang dilakukan?…

  • KJRI SAN FRANCISCO    @kjri_sf

    Permias SF-BA dan KJRI San Francisco mengadakan pemutaran film Indonesia "Kartini"

  • Aedgard de Boer

    I was born in Indonesia and I am also Dutch. I have a lot of Indonesian artwork (Woodcarvings from the forty's) I understand a few Indonesian words. Now I live in rural Camino (on the way to Tahoe) Any one interested? Thanks, Aedgard de Boer

  • Sussy Wiiaya

    Anyone looking for flights back to Indo for the summer?

  • Sussy Wiiaya

    Exam time is coming.... gd luck to fellow students;)


      Goof Luck to You


      Well.... after this all nighter here, I'm all done as of this morning :D


      Termimakasih~ That's why everyone is so quiet now lol

  • Stefanus Rubeni

    Hello world!




      right... greeting gives it away :P


      Hello Stefanus! Tech guy, I presume? lol

  • Komodo Jaya

    Nia, actually I found that Berkeley's Nusantara Day festival is tomorrow:


      Darn, missed it, but next year maybe!


      Maybe I'll try to make it over too then!


      I'm there now actually ;)


      Are you going? It sounds interesting!

  • Nia Pramudito

    What's new in SF guys?


      What's new with you??


      Not too much! Just studying...

  • Sarah Geronimo

    Tickets for Franklin Barbecue’s San Francisco pop-up go on sale Friday at 9 a.m.

  • Budi Lesmono

    What's new around here? For all the students out there, summer is just around the corner ;)


      Any ideas for this summer?


      Not sure yet - either spend the summer in NYC with a friend or chill in Jakarta w/ the fam lol


      Thinking to travel around a bit myself~

  • Raymond Rudianto

    Come check out Nusantara Day — the Indonesian cultural festival — on April 25th starting at 3 PM on UC Berkeley's Memorial Glade. Hope to see all of you there! -Hosted by the Berkeley Indonesian Student Association


      Hey man, thanks for sharing!

  • Windy Anggadjaja

    Lestari Indonesia, Kelompok Tari Jawa di San Francisco ლ(ʘ▽ʘ)ლ


      Too cool! I hope I can see it sometime :)

  • Indonesia    @Indonesia

    "Indonesia moves jailed cleric amid inhumane treatment claim - San Francisco Chronicle"


      We pull in all tweets that mention "San Francisco" and "Indonesia". Hope you enjoy!


      I guess this network will find all SF Chronicle stories related to Indonesia too -- Indo SF news feed haha

  • SF Flight Deals    @SF_CheapFlights

    Airfare San Francisco, CA to #Denpasar, Indonesia from $591 #cheapflights #sanfrancisco


      Wow, cheap! If it's legit, I'll give it a go...

  • Rebecca Schönenbach    @if_rebecca

    A San Francisco microfinancing startup offers #IslamicFinance using #bitcoins in #Indonesia.


      Very cool! Actually, we're looking into organizing remittances via bitcoin on our CultureMesh networks.