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From India in Detroit, Michigan, United States

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  • balamurali    @balamuraliii

    @ActorMadhavan ... You're the real star... Blessed to see you in Detroit. Thanks to you to come all the way from India

  • Wilson    @WilsonCalvert

    @jcreidtx @OneMileataTime United wouldn't buy them without the maintenance records (see Air India). They do invest…

  • SGT Kane    @Twofifs

    .@mcclurespickles instead of Gourmade in Detroit. It should be Gourmade in India, since that's where your pickles are made. #Shame

  • cleverlayover    @CleverLayover

    Fly roundtrip Detroit, MI to Calcutta, India for $1176 (that's $250 in savings)! #airfare #travel #savings

  • Surabhi Singh    @Sword_wrap

    @PoulterWill Hey Will, will Detroit be releasing in India anytime soon? I would love to watch it ☺

  • Pueblos Originarios    @pue_originarios

    18.07.1765. Pontiac, líder de la mayor resistencia india en Norteamérica, firma la paz con británicos en Detroit.…

  • g¡a©¤    @srgiaco

    @PAKYDAVE_ @clusterfuckalup @SatanRapes @JustinCase_X13 @Soniasuponia @Eclipse_74 @RealTinehNimjeh @_C1TYofFL1NT__…

  • Patrick Kelly SJ    @PatrickKellySJ

    "The whole world is our house." Nadal SJ Jesuit dinner with men from India, Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, Detroit.

  • Niraj Warikoo    @nwarikoo

    Lead of Detroit Free Press story 70 years ago this week on India/Pakistan: "The proud British empire of India died…

  • Michigan's Past    @MichiganHist

    How the Detroit Free Press reported on the birth of India and Pakistan [8/15/1947 issue]

  • Tony Carne    @tonycarneUA

    UrbanAdventures: Do you know which Indian city is called "The Detroit of South India"? #IncredibleIndia #ttot…

  • Urban Adventures    @UrbanAdventures

    Do you know which Indian city is called "The Detroit of South India"? #IncredibleIndia #ttot…

  • APACC Detroit    @APACC_Detroit

    Dressed in red and burgundy, guests will network and enjoy a fusion of cuisine from China, India, Japan and Korea.…

  • Detroit Informer    @Detroitinformer

    Immigrant brings India to Detroit with Tribalfare store

  • DetroitBusinessNews    @DetroitBizNews

    Immigrant brings India to Detroit with Tribalfare store #Detroit #MetroDetroit #Business

  • Saurabh Modi

    Question: can I start a business on H1b? I see conflicting information everywhere, but the Global Detroit ppl seem to encourage "international innovation"... but maybe they mean during OPT?

  • Amisha Sampat

    Hello all! Kinda cool how they bring in Twitter data matching India & Detroit now... Summer plans anyone?

  • Anu Augustine

    For any Wayne State ppl here, just another week until Spring Break :D Travel plans anyone?


      Not sure yet, I guess -- open to ideas!

  • Pushkar Mishra

    weekend passed so quickly :P


      umm, "thanks" for reminding haha

  • Gurtej (ਗੁਰਤੇਜ) Singh (ਸਿੰਘ)

    For all the students out there, wondering about work in the US, check out the Global Talent Retention Initiative here at Global Detroit:


      Thanks for sharing, Gurtej!


      This is good. It seems like they need us ;)


      This is a great resource, thanks for sharing!

  • Rajasekhar Rewat

    You guys are talking about freezing weather, but I found something fun it in lol Anyone wanna try skating after work/school? Open today/tomor.


      Great, I may see you there then; I'll be there around 5:30pm.


      Cool! I may visit tomorrow afternoon :)

  • Amisha Sampat

    Wow, it's freezing outside~ -18C

  • Anu Augustine

    Anyone know if any Indian restaurants do delivery? The Chinese ones do, so why not Indians? I just don't wanna go out in the cold haha


      but please let me know if u find one!


      LOL, interesting thought! I do not know of any that do!

  • Aashish Nakra

    Stay safe out there on the roads today everyone!!


      Definitely a winter wonderland out there ;)


      Thanks Aashish, it's better this evening at least.

  • Gurtej (ਗੁਰਤੇਜ) Singh (ਸਿੰਘ)

    Happy 66th Republic Day!!


      जय हिन्द!!!

  • GuestHouser    @GuestHouser

    Live luxuriously in a villa while staying in Chennai, the 'Detroit of India'.

  • India USA Business    @indiabiznet

    On #IndiaBiz WORLD WATCH: India - Crain's Detroit Business Get L